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From November 5 to December 28, 2014
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Dec. 29
The 2014 program concluded with Antigone Dead People last night. Thank you so much for coming, participation, cooperation and support!

Dec. 1
Timetable of New Sound Sanctuary (Sound Installation) from Dec. 2 to 4 below. Tickets (500 JPY) available only at door. Unlimited admission throughout the 3 days granted with the ticket stub.
14:00 Open
14:20-16:40 1st cycle
16:45-19:05 2nd cycle
19:10-21:30 3rd cycle
22:00 Close
1 cycle is approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes.
1) Chihei Hatakeyama (15:00)
2) NOEL-KIT (12:45)
3) Takuro Shibayama (10:00)
4) Jim O’Rourke (7:45)
5) Taro Yoshihara (10:33)
6) Yoshio Machida (8:52)
7) Christophe Charles (20:00)
8) CoH (20:13)
9) Carl Stone (26:08)

Nov. 23
New Sound Sanctuary (Live Performance) tonight. Tickets available (2,000 JPY) from 17:30 at door.

Nov. 17
The Passion of Joan of Arc by Loren Connors + Keiji Haino tonight. A few tickets available (3,000 JPY, standing) from 18:00 at door.

Nov. 11
Kath Bloom + Reiko Kudo tonight. Tickets available (3,000 JPY) from 18:00 at door.

Nov. 6
Michael Snow + Aki Onda + Alan Licht tonight. Tickets available (3,000 JPY) from 18:00 at door.

Nov. 5
Michael Snow + Aki Onda + Alan Licht tonight. Tickets available (3,000 JPY) from 18:00 at door.

Oct. 30
The emerging artist lineup of New Sound Sanctuary announced here: Masafumi Yamamoto, Plum, Yosuke Nomura and Miho Maruyama.

Oct. 17
A special talk event with Michael Snow, Aki Onda and Alan Licht titled “Beyond Music, Sound and Art” at NTT InterCommunication Center (ICC) announced! Moderated by Minoru Hatanaka, Nov. 3 at 14:00, admission free. Also broadcast over the Internet. Details here.

Aug. 18
2014 program announced. This year unbeatable artists of North America and Japan get together at venues in Shibuya and Roppongi, and “New Sound Sanctuary” gets even more powerful with a sound installation program. Tickets out on August 30 (Sat) 10:00 JST!











Michael Snow, Aki Onda, Alan Licht Kath Bloom, Reiko Kudo Carl Theodor Dreyer, Loren Connors, Keiji Haino Merzbow, Tatsuya Nakamura, MURASAKI Taro Yoshihara, NOEL-KIT, Jim O’Rourke, Chihei Hatakeyama, Yoshio Machida, Takuro Shibayama, CoH, Christophe Charles, Carl Stone Small Wooden Shoe, dracom